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from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • transitive v. To transmit (data, for example) by telecommunication.
  • intransitive v. To communicate by means of telecommunication: telecommunicating with an overseas firm.

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  • v. To communicate over a long distance, often across the internet.

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  • v. communicate over long distances, as via the telephone or e-mail


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  • Shouldn't a theological college be able to telecommunicate with their dupes... er, students by the grace of gawd?

    Yeah, about those brown people ...

  • FRIEDEN: We've worked closely with the business community to encourage businesses to be supportive of workers who are sick, to make sure that they can telecommunicate, as one possibility, to not take adverse actions if they do not come in, and to not require in a midst of flu season a note from the doctor -- because the doctors are busy taking care of patients, they don't need to be filling out paperwork.

    CNN Transcript Sep 14, 2009

  • Taking this into consideration, Kang & Lee created an ad revolving around a Japanese expatriate family: a Japanese businessman takes the day off work, choosing instead to “telecommunicate” from home, because his wife is ill, and he wishes to take care of her.

    Experiential Marketing

  • I use it to write scripts, log video tapes (a program to read television "time code" with the T200 costs less than $100, compared with hardware needed to do the same job on a PC and priced at $700 or more), telecommunicate with my station's newsroom computer, maintain my expense account, keep a database of phone numbers, and entertain me occasionally with a game of chess.

    CIS Threads #1: Interesting Threads from the TRS Model 100 Forum Messages by Phil Wheeler

  • A well-prepared, media literate person of the 21st century needs to be able to blog, vlog, interview, be interviewed, podcast, webcast, telecommunicate and even host a multimedia press conferences. News

  • With great charm and good cheer, she helped me understand the extent to which younger politicians in country after country are abandoning "the traditional media," as she gently put it -- or "the media filter," as some at the Obama White House describe my ilk -- to twit/tweet, blog, telecommunicate and otherwise engage directly with their constituents.

    Redskins Insider Podcast -- The Washington Post

  • And because people want interconnectivity and conversations, people expect sufficient network performance to telecommunicate - video and audio - with whomever.

    Network Performance Blog, Network Performance Management News, Tutorials, Resources

  • For example, by doing their business remotely, or by talking on the phone more, moving data within their network from side to side versus traveling, and using common tools on their networks, sharing data and efficiency-basically telecommunicate remotely using the type of products that we sell-that give us reason for optimism.

    Wireless Design Asia - Latest Updates

  • For usability purposes: most grouping are more disposed to utter a shorter address (example: telecommunicate clients module fortuity a likewise daylong address up by distinction making it inferior clickable);


  • Here is what I said most telecommunicate backwards in 2001. if you crapper concord that you or I crapper not cook wager engine results without having admittance to the maker cipher or at small an admin panel, then there crapper be no another closing but that wager engines crapper not be spammed, tricked, mislead, bribed or coerced.



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