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  • noun A tell.


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From Turkish tepe.


  • Dikkatle koreografisini kurulum ayrı zaman tren belirlenen yerde ve durmayan herkes kovalamak zorunda kalır düşüyor. altında askerler "Doublecross," başkan yardımcısı "IronCross," kuvvetli tepe noktası Riefenstahl tarafından canlandırılmıştır oafs değil bumbling vardır. 2004 »Mayıs»

  • The citadel at Kampyr-tepe today commands a view to the Oxus River in the horizon and Afghanistan beyond.

    The Forgotten Realm of Alexander

  • We have no reason not to believe the Kabul government's assurance that the Tillya-tepe collection is safe, even though no experts have been allowed to examine it.

    Museum Under Siege: Full Text

  • The government assures us that the 20,000 or more gold ornaments from Tillya-tepe are still safely guarded within the presidential palace in Kabul, but because of the political instability no attempt has been made to examine these objects, although the temptation to do so is great.

    Museum Under Siege: Full Text

  • According to another rumor, Victor Sarianidi of the Soviet-Afghan archaeological mission, which had excavated a hoard of more than 20,000 gold ornaments from six burial mounds called Tillya-tepe, had taken the gold to the Soviet Union.

    Museum Under Siege: Full Text

  • On May 12, 1993, a rocket slammed into the roof of the museum, destroying a fourth - to fifth-century A.D. wall painting from Delbarjin-tepe, site of an ancient Kushan city in northern Afghanistan, and burying much of the museum's ancient pottery and bronzes under tons of debris.

    Museum Under Siege: Full Text

  • According to reports, one stone figurine of a winged female is similar to the gold "Bactrian Aphrodite" from Tillya-tepe.

    Museum Under Siege: Full Text

  • Could they be from the unexcavated, seventh mound at Tillya-tepe?

    Museum Under Siege: Full Text

  • An expert in antique gold confirmed that the gold jewelry in Peshawar is of the same period as the Tillya-tepe ornaments (first century B.C. to first century A.D.).

    Museum Under Siege: Full Text

  • This is particularly intriguing because such reports began surfacing last June, at the same time that ornaments from Tillya-tepe were said to be for sale in Islamabad and Peshawar.

    Museum Under Siege: Full Text


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  • n. (Archaeology) tell, mound. The word appears to be both Turkish and Kurdish; probably a borrowing from Turkish, where it means 'hill, top, crown, crest, vertex'. In Kurdish it is 'summit, mountain top' according to a Kurmanji Kurdish reference grammar. (The very large number of web hits translating the famous Tepe Gawra site as 'great mound' appear to be taking in each other's washing.)

    July 22, 2008