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  • [Footnote] * For more than a century after Julius Caesar had altered the year to three hundred and sixty-five days, the Roman soldiers were still paid at the ancient rate of three hundred and sixty days only, losing the rest as _ "terminalia," _ or days not counted as belonging to the year!

    Autobiography of Seventy Years, Vol. 1-2

  • Jo parked the vehicle under the shade of a silver terminalia.

    The Elephant's Secret Sense

  • I jealously guarded my visits to this splendid waterhole that the Owambo people called Mushara, after a tree common to this sandy forested habitat, or sandveld, a large terminalia with papery magenta pods Terminalia prunoides.

    The Elephant's Secret Sense

  • I WAS ABLE TO GET high-resolution satellite images of the Caprivi region through the then Ministry of Agriculture, Water, and Rural Development, and a botanist colleague in Etosha had inspected each of the zones defined by contrasts in the images to confirm different forest types in each area, where a mixed dense acacia forest was darker than an open terminalia grassland, for example.

    The Elephant's Secret Sense

  • I asked Raymond if I could collect a sample of each of the grains that he was growing to compare the nutritional value of grain with preferred forage such as acacia pods, terminalia branches, and bark.

    The Elephant's Secret Sense

  • They chased us unprovoked a few times, fortunately on the open grassy straightaways of the terminalia savannahs and not in the dense mopane forest of Mudumu National Park.

    The Elephant's Secret Sense

  • We drove slowly down the track of Horseshoe, rounding the bend, which opened into a section of terminalia savannah where the trees were so heavily browsed that they looked like a grove of bonsai shrubs with thick trunks.

    The Elephant's Secret Sense

  • An adolescent bull snapped in half an almost full-grown Terminalia sericea while a young cow dragged a debarked terminalia branch along with her as they headed for the dense mopane forest.

    The Elephant's Secret Sense

  • At 10.30 travelled five miles east-south-east on an average course along the right bank of the river over rich level land covered with roley-poley, pigweed, grass, and saltbush, and wooded with box, terminalia, and other trees.

    Journal of Landsborough's Expedition from Carpentaria In search of Burke and Wills

  • In size there is the difference between the huge _terminalia_ towering up 200 feet high and the tiny little potentilla; between the atlas moth 12 inches in spread and the hardly discernible midges; between the elephant, massive enough to trample its way through the densest forest, and the humble little mouse peeping out of its hole in the ground.

    The Heart of Nature or, The Quest for Natural Beauty


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  • The Roman festival of Terminus, the god of boundaries.

    March 6, 2007