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  • As the Latin expression tertium gaudens – the happy third – reminds us, rather than getting in the middle of every fight, sometimes it is better "to hold the coats of those who do."

    Walden Bello: The World Needs an Isolationist America

  • In philosophy, there's a phrase called a tertium quid (which means a "third thing").

    The Liberal Paradox: a trashed Democratic Party vs. no win 2008 3rd Parties

  • This is a fallacy known as tertium non datur false dilemma.

    The Glittering Eye

  • In his Noctes Atticae, book 10, Latin - English Aulus Gellius reports the controversy over whether one should say "tertium" or "tertio."

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • It is interesting that despite several other words being abbreviated, the word "tertium" appears in full.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • While Descartes appears to speak of a kind of tertium quid, Q, viz. an objective being, the mere conceptual distinction between Q and the act of thought T indicates that he grants Q no distinct being from that of

    Descartes' Theory of Ideas

  • Prout (if I succeed in understanding him) does not hold that matter is infinitely divisible; and so I suppose the seeds of matter ” the ultimate molecules ” are a kind of tertium quid between matter and spirit.

    The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning

  • And what kind of man must Rewa Gunga be who could lightly let go all the prejudices of the East and submit to what only the West has endured hitherto with any complacency -- a "tertium quid"?

    In The Time Of Light

  • This essay cast Socrates--the first "philosopher" recorded as questioning the authority of those who would lead others--in the role of tertium quid, a mediating force attempting to save his beloved Athenian civilization, the foundations of which were being eroded on the one hand by the nihilistic forces of relativistic sophism, and on the other by arch-conservative forces bent on preserving at all costs their prerogatives of power in the name of "blind" religious tradition.

    Tertium quid

  • My own viewpoint is more in line with the sort of emphasis on emergence that can be found in the writings of the many theologians involved in the religion-science dialogue, and I believe it represents a genuine tertium quid between dualism and reductionistic materialism.

    Self-Critical Faith


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