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  • Next time you see an opening, how about digging into the topic of 'Contempt of Cop' - being arrested for doing no more than irritating an officer, and 'testilying' - falsifying police records, apparently a common practice in the BPD and one well-known recent incident in Cambridge.

    More on Olbermann, Greenwald and Stelter

  • Finally, there's "testilying" - when officers lie in court. Site Feed

  • My concern is that the CPD, like the BPD, have a culture which tolerates "testilying" on incident reports and in court testimony to cover for mistakes made in police procedure during the investigation, search or arrest.

    The high cost of Cambridge police records

  • The term "testilying" should be dropped from the lexicon.

    Truth: an Absolute Requirement at Trial

  • Defense lawyers say in many of these cases, officers are "testilying" and that the guns or drugs were actually discovered when their clients were unjustly frisked by officers.

    Legal System Struggles With How to React When Police Officers Lie

  • Defense lawyers say police officers are "testilying" when they are being less than truthful about the seizure of criminal evidence ( "

    Truth: an Absolute Requirement at Trial

  • "testilying", and occasionally murdered for contempt of cop, but it's crucial that you know what those rights are and how to assert them.

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • Between the testilying cops, the careerist prosecutors and the general apathy of the public to the "criminal justice" system as it is lived in urban centers, it's a wonder that anyone is ever acquitted.

    10 out of 12 ain't bad (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • Many discussants seem to dismiss testilying out of hand, and imagine police and prosecutors are the conscientious fellows depicted on television, but the reality is that in many jurisdictions they differ little from the criminals they go after, or are even worse.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Bob Barr Defends Troy Davis:

  • If Commissioner Hass does not investigate, he will contribute to the reasonable assessment that the CPD is not interested in investigating testilying.

    Media should keep pushing on Crowley


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  • "Though the number of cases is small, the lack of consequences for officers may seem surprising, given that a city commission on police corruption in the 1990s pinpointed tainted testimony as a problem so pervasive that the police even had a word for it: 'testilying.'"

    The New York Times, Police in Gun Searches Face Disbelief in Court, by Benjamin Weiser, May 12, 2008

    May 12, 2008