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  • n. (dialect) three in Celtic sheep counting


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From Celtic numerals.


  • He would then start from the beginning again: “Yan, tan, tethera. . .”


  • "The forced-feeding regime has guards and medical staff strap a captive into a chair, Velcro his head to a metal restraint, then tethera tube into the man's stomach through his noseto pump in liquid nourishment twice a day."

    Is a forced-feeding tube through your nose "torture"?

  • You might like to look at this book, Part of the Special Collections at Manchester Metropolitan University: K Lindsley, wood engravings for H D Rawnsley, Yan, tyan, tethera 1987 • © Fleece Press, Kathleen Lindsley - it's right here in my home town, but I found it via the RSS feed for Coudal's Fresh Signals... YAN TAN TETHERA.

  • Somewhere along the way, an old shepherd explained that "yan, tan, tethera" was how shepherds counted out their sheep. YAN TAN TETHERA.

  • My father taught me yan, tan, tethera etc as a child. YAN TAN TETHERA.

  • Yan tan tethera pethera pimp nothing to waste but nothing to skimp. YAN TAN TETHERA.

  • Yan tan tethera is very familiar to me, but I can't tell you where I first heard it. YAN TAN TETHERA.

  • The father, from the west coast of Cumberland b. 1949 and only one generation removed from the family farm, is certainly familiar with 'yan, tan, tethera'. YAN TAN TETHERA.

  • yan tan tethera tethera pethera pimp where could i have come across this before? english folk song is my only guess right now. YAN TAN TETHERA.

  • If any lightfoot Clod Dewvale was to hold me up, dicksturping me and marauding me of my rights to my onus, yan, tyan, tethera, methera, pimp, I’d let him have my best pair of galloper’s heels in the creamsourer.

    Finnegans Wake


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  • 3 in North of England sheep counting jargon. See yan

    September 26, 2008