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  • n. paralysis of all four limbs
  • n. Complete paralysis from below the jaw


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Ancient Greek τετρα- (tetra-, "four") + πληγή (plēgē, "blow").


  • Neural control of computer cursor velocity by decoding motor cortical spiking activity in humans with tetraplegia.

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  • Complete "locked-in syndrome," which is sometimes characterized as "living eyes in a dead body" and was the condition described by Jean-Dominique Bauby in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, [1] is identified by tetraplegia (the paralysis of all four limbs), paralytic mutism (an inability to speak), the oculomotor deviation known as lateral gaze palsy, and the inability to breathe unaided.

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  • For example, if you have C-7 tetraplegia, you may use a joystick as the input device, but the top of the joystick may need to be modified to accommodate for your lack of grip.

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  • Quadriplegia (tetraplegia) Paralysis or loss of movement in the muscles of both arms and legs caused by disease or injury to the spinal cord, in the neck.

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  • Hochberg LR, Serruya MD, Friehs GM, Mukand JA, Saleh M, et al. (2006) Neuronal ensemble control of prosthetic devices by a human with tetraplegia.

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  • The total includes 48,243 people with tetraplegia (impairment of the arms, trunk, legs and pelvic function) and 30,324 people with paraplegia (in which arm function is not impaired);

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  • Slide 102: Akibatnya: tetraplegia Foto x-ray C1-C7

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  • An imminent medical breakthrough in the treatment of paralysis paraplegia and tetraplegia was outlined in Professor Geoffrey Raisman’s lecture: Repairing the Spinal Cord: Ripples of an Oncoming Tide.

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