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  • n. A felt-tip pen, often coloured and usually wide-tipped for use by children.


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By trademark erosion from Texta, a registered trademark of Australian stationery company Jasco Pty Ltd.


  • She covered her mouth in texta the other day and it made me cry.

    Post 2 on "How to Suppress Women's Writing" by Joanna Russ

  • It's like graffiti, buy a texta, find a train ... posted by redbarren at 11: 23 AM

    Tag Integration

  • Remix is almost as overused as a term as tagging, both of which to me convey a DJ mix of vinyl using Technics SL1200's to mix 2 records plus sample at 120 BPM at 4am in the morning, while tagging is something you do on a train with a permanent texta or spray can.

    Archive 2005-07-01

  • Unfortunately some cretin had written the notes on the keys in ultra-permanent texta which spoils the looks a bit but it's still cool.

    eBay of the Day: Bontempi Pop3 Organ

  • I want to take the author's lead and always be armed with a black texta to correct signs on shop windows!

    The Julie/Julia Project book is here!

  • TERITVR, for which Riese cited _Tr_ I iv 9-10 'pinea texta sonant pulsu

    The Last Poems of Ovid

  • _Fast_ III 612 'flet tamen _admonitu_ motus, Elissa, tui', where many manuscripts read _admonitus_, and _Tr_ I iv 9 'pinea texta sonant pulsu

    The Last Poems of Ovid

  • * Erat ibi tunica, dicit Evangelista, desuper texta.

    Sermons. Volume The Fourth.

  • The male offenders boarded the bus at 8pm on September 1 at Elizabeth shopping centre and marked graffiti with large texta pens on the interior of the vehicle. | Top Stories

  • I've even coloured them in with black texta to exaggerate them, in an effort to rebut his unrequired love, but alas, no luck. | Top Stories


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    December 19, 2006