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  • n. A stroke; a thwack.
  • n. the weatherproof outer layer of a roof, often thatch specifically
  • v. To cover a roof with thack.
  • v. To strike; thump; thwack.

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  • See thatch, Thatcher.

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  • An obsolete or dialectal (Scotch) form of thatch.
  • To strike; thump; thwack.
  • n. An obsolete or dialectal (Scotch) form of thatch.
  • n. A stroke; a thwack.


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From Middle English thakken ("to stroke"), from Old English þaccian ("to touch gently, stroke, tap"), from Proto-Germanic *þakwōnan (“to touch lightly”), from Proto-Indo-European *tag-, *taǵ- (“to touch”). Cognate with Old Dutch þakolōn ("to stroke"), Old Norse þykkr ("a thwack, thump, blow"), Icelandic þjökka, þjaka ("to thwack, thump, beat"), Norwegian tjåka ("to strike, beat"), Latin tangō ("touch"). More at thwack, tangent.

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From Middle English thacce, from thakken ("to stroke"). See above.

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From Old English þæc, from Proto-Germanic *þakan, from Proto-Indo-European *teg-. Cognate with Dutch dak, Low German Dack, Danish tag ("roof"), German Dach ("roof"), Old Norse þak ("thatch, roof"). Akin to Latin toga ("garment") and Ancient Greek στέγος (stegos, "roof"). See also thatch.


  • Tree, shed, barn, and chimney-stack, too, seemed to have been turned to the brilliant metal; but to the lad's great relief he saw that the wheelwright was wrong, the "thack" had not caught, and so far the house was safe, though the burning stacks were so near that at any moment the roof of the reed-thatched house might begin to blaze.

    Dick o' the Fens A Tale of the Great East Swamp

  • Somebody please investigate all of OBama's friends and acquaintances before it's too late. thack

    Angry Clinton supporters tell party leaders: 'Let's go McCain!'

  • It swung gently, thumping against the freezer door with a small thack sound.


  • Barbie's head went thack thack as I opened the refrigerator.


  • Instead of the thack, thack, thack sound of bills being metered out, he heard the printer printing a receipt; not a good sign.

    The Lions of Lucerne

  • "Ka-thack's" filled the speaker; Red Manley, arms wrapped around his chest, quivered as each blow reverberated.

    White Jazz

  • "No. Please, as God is my witness, no"; Sears said, "God hates liars," and sapped the table three times _Ka-thack!

    White Jazz

  • The locking mechanism gave with a sharp ka-thack; the door opened;

    The Big Nowhere

  • "The auld doure whalp," muttered Tam, as he shut the door and resumed his stocking; "I was gaun to the door to see if the win 'was tirring the thack aff the riggin."

    The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 17, No. 475, February 5, 1831

  • Ye have riven the thack off seven cottar houses—look if your ain roof-tree stand the faster.

    Chapter VIII


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