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  • A Scotch form of together.


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  • "It's no that a'thegither 'at tribles me, Janet; it's mair' at I'll be expeckit to sing an 'luik pleased-like, an' I div not ken hoo it'll be poassible, an 'you naegait' ithin my sicht or my cry, or the hearin 'o' my ears."

    Sir Gibbie

  • I kept my senses thegither, whilk has been thought wonderful by all that ever saw the place; and I helped myself with my hands as gallantly as I could, and to the bottom I came.


  • I doubt not but what you told her Majesty, that I was the same David Deans of whom there was a sport at the Revolution, when I noited thegither the heads of twa false prophets, these ungracious Graces the prelates, as they stood on the Hie Street, after being expelled from the Convention-parliament. 77 77

    The Heart of Mid-Lothian

  • “That the bairns would be left to fight thegither, and coup ane anither into the fire,” so that he remained to take charge of the menage.

    Old Mortality

  • And then he showed how I suld have done, — and that I suld have held up my hand to my brow, as if the grandeur of the king and his horse-graith thegither had casten the glaiks in my een, and mair jackanape tricks I suld hae played, instead of offering the Sifflication, he said, as if I had been bringing guts to a bear.

    The Fortunes of Nigel

  • Castle; whereas, and behold, these London kirkyards are causeyed with through-stanes, panged hard and fast thegither; and my cloak being something threadbare, made but a thin mattress, so I was fain to give up my bed before every limb about me was crippled.

    The Fortunes of Nigel

  • Ane's the wish yoke's us thegither, ane's the darg that lies afore

    Gillie Mor

  • "Forbye, husband an 'wife should be thegither - it was bad enough when Harry yonder had tae be away in India, an' my wee lassie near heartbroken."

    Flashman's Lady

  • But we're a 'met thegither owre a wee drappie o't.

    A Wee Drappie O't

  • We'll be happy a 'thegither owre a wee drappie o't. cho: Owre a wee drappie o't, owre a wee drappie o't,

    A Wee Drappie O't


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  • Scots - together.

    August 2, 2008