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  • n. A Middle English variant of thew.


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  • They even tried alcohol rehab and drug treatment, but at the end, what happened was sad, and it just made me realise there could be so many others in this world who theow away their lives like this!

    Alcohol - Drink Responsibly or Avoid it Altogether!

  • If the accused happened to be _theow man_ (servant), and he failed in the ordeal, the law was that he should be branded the first time; the second time, there was no _bot_, or reparation, but the head!

    The Customs of Old England

  • From forest and field came in ceorl and theow, hanging up their weapons or agricultural implements around the lower end of the hall.

    Edwy the Fair or the First Chronicle of Aescendune

  • 'Gif theow man theowne to nydhffimed genyde, gabete mid his eowende: Si servus servam ad sfuprum coegerit, compenset hoc virga sua virili.

    Memoir Correspondence And Miscellanies

  • "Gif theow man theowne to nydhed genyde, gabte mid his eowende:" "Si servus servam ad stuprum coegerit, compenset hoc virga sua virili.



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  • theow is from þeow, ðeow - serf, servant, slave

    thew comes from þeaw, ðeaw - usage, custom, habit, conduct, disposition

    August 30, 2011