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  • n. Any theropod dinosaur of the clade Therizinosauria


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  • My team discovered the recently described therizinosaur that we named Nothronychus graffami.

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  • The evolution of the flashy down coat has been traced back to 125 million-year-old dinosaur fossils. worn by Beipiaosaurus, which is a therizinosaur, small-headed theropods with long necks and giant claws.

  • MNA's skeleton fills in some major gaps in what is known about therizinosaur anatomy and habits.

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  • A once in a lifetime find in 2000 by Museum of Northern Arizona paleontologists led to the discovery of the most complete therizinosaur skeleton ever found.

    Sedona, Arizona, Events, News and Press

  • According to a report in National Geographic News, dubbed Nothronychus graffami, the 13-foot-tall (4-meter-tall) therizinosaur lived about 92.5 million years ago in what is present-day Utah.

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  • WASHINGTON - Scientists have discovered the most complete skeleton of a type of pot-bellied dinosaur, a therizinosaur, in southern Utah, US, which had claws like that of the fictional

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  • Today, we’ll travel north, into the Gobi Desert, to visit fossil quarries in the White Pagoda Basin, where numerous new dinosaur species have recently been discovered, including the earliest-known large therizinosaur, Suzhousaurus megatherioides, and the primitive horned dinosaur Auroraceratops rugosus.

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