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  • Having thick lips, as a negro; labroid, as a fish; thickened around the edges, as an ulcer.

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  • adj. having thick lips


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  • "No fear," answered their spokesman, one Koogoo, a strapping, thick-lipped Ethiopian-looking man.

    Chapter 23

  • Here was the fighter -- the beast with a streak for a forehead, with beady eyes under lowering and bushy brows, flat-nosed, thick-lipped, sullen-mouthed.

    Chapter 4

  • All those fawning stories, all those bloody headlines, all those wire-service photos of the thick-lipped, jowly, 235-pound Snorky dolled up in outfits that made him look, as a New York reporter once wrote, “like an overstuffed capon”—all of this was very bad for the drys.


  • The problem with this "graphic album" is obviously its depiction of Africans as nearly identical, goggled-eyed, thick-lipped, ignorant savages.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • We had a thick-lipped, skinny-arsed Rolling Stone to torment.


  • I found myself studying him: he was your real jet-black Nubian, flat-nosed, thick-lipped, and could have walked into the K.A.R. * (* King's African Rifles.) nowadays, no questions asked.


  • David Noss (2003: 18) confirms the Aryans, invaders of Northwest India, “found a long established population there … and described them as dark skinned, thick-lipped people who possessed cattle and spoke in a strange language …”

    African blessings

  • They look at pictures of hook-nosed, bug-eyed, thick-lipped Jews drinking German Palestinian baby blood and don't even have the historical knowledge or sense to know that radical Islamic groups copied this material from Hitler's propagandathis is a link to "Fourth Reich Israel" - and it's serious.

    January 2009

  • Duff Green, a partisan journalist of the era, is said to have described Julia Chinn as "a jet-black, thick-lipped, odiferous negro wench."

    David Mills: The Vice President and the Mulatto

  • With his round head, his face the color of a vine-leaf, his blue eyes, a trumpet nose, a thick-lipped mouth, and a double-chin, the dear old fellow excited, whenever he appeared among strangers who did not know him, that satirical laugh which Frenchmen so generously bestow on the ludicrous creations Dame Nature occasionally allows herself, which Art delights in exaggerating under the name of caricatures.

    A Marriage Contract


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