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  • adj. stupid, obtuse or dumb.


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  • Rick - no, of course it isn't, and they weren't all 'thickheaded', either :

    Horses in seventh-century England

  • As Private Ashley Williams might say, it takes a special kind of thickheaded to become a new fan in a dying fandom.

    Gaming Nexus

  • This can be good -- it can mean honesty and forthrightness and openness -- or it can be bad -- they can be thickheaded pests and you have to hit them over the head practically to make them go away!

    American version of the girly night

  • Le R: I've not read many of the "Oh, yeah, but my grandfather was an immigrant whatever so I get it" comments but there is NO WAY that even the most thickheaded person cannot see the inherent wrongness in portraying a PoC main character as lily white on the cover of the book.

    More Homework for White Folks

  • Val doesn't get it; Speed patiently spells out a crafty girl's enrich to her tasteful nonetheless thickheaded pursuer.

    Archive 2009-11-01

  • Mayor Michael Bloomberg, so clear-minded and empathetic in public discussions over the Park51 community center project, has been bewilderingly thickheaded and obstinate with his grandstanding this issue.

    Asher Smith: Regarding Plaxico Burress, Justice Remains Blind

  • What's astounding, though, despite the fact that it shouldn't be at this point, is the level of thickheaded hubris on display in the article from both Jeff Zucker and NBC News's painfully smug president, Steve Capus.

    Chez Pazienza: If NBC Meltdown Is Just a "Soap Opera," Who's the Director?

  • Apparently my mother was right when she said I was thickheaded.

    The Kennedy Detail

  • McCain is now comfortable with Schmidt and the new staff, and is, as always, insular and thickheaded when he is in his comfort zone.

    Balloon Juice » 2008 » July

  • The advertising industry is full of thickheaded guys.

    From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl Harbor


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