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  • n. Photographs or other material intended to provide inspiration for anorexia nervosa as a lifestyle choice.


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Blend of thin and inspiration


  • They can cruise the Internet visiting "Pro-Ana" (pro-anorexia) Web sites and can view thousands of "thinspiration" videos on YouTube celebrating emaciated young women.

    Girls and Dieting, Then and Now

  • : In the capital of high fashion and ultrathin models, conservative French legislators adopted a pioneering law aimed at stifling a proliferation of Web sites that promote eating disorders with "thinspiration" and starvation tips.

    Development Gain,

  • Inspired by "thinspiration," which is shocking images of Hollywood ` s super-skinny stars, Lipton suffered for five years, struggling to gain weight.

    CNN Transcript Dec 13, 2006

  • HAMMER: And a lot of these ideas were coming from these "thinspiration" Web sites.

    CNN Transcript Dec 13, 2006

  • ANDERSON: Many of the pro-ana sites use pictures of stars, "thinspiration" for girls looking to replicate their favorite actresses or models.

    CNN Transcript Apr 19, 2006

  • The message that these women send have a terrible influence on young women everywhere, who go to so-called "thinspiration" Web sites and try to emulate their favorite stick-thin stars.

    CNN Transcript Dec 18, 2006

  • And the truth is, Brooke, you and I both know, you could go to the "thinspiration" sites and look at those images, or you could turn to the cover of a tabloid magazine.

    CNN Transcript Dec 5, 2006

  • - Yes, all the sites contain tips and tricks and 'thinspiration' pages.

    evolver Diary Entry

  • GUPTA: And like cults, pro-ana sites have their own language, like "thinspiration," photos of emaciated models, and referring to anorexia and bulimia as a lifestyle, not an illness.

    CNN Transcript Nov 8, 2004

  • Thin enough, I think, to have my picture posted up with the dozens of celebrities (but not models) on their 'thinspiration' pages.

    evolver Diary Entry


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