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  • adj. Approximately thirty
  • adj. Of about thirty years of age.


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thirty +‎ -ish


  • The parish secretary, a slightly built, dark-haired man of medium height, thirtyish, opened the door to my bell.

    Shortcut Man

  • Several of Mr. Perrotta's earlier novels—particularly "Election," his 1998 satire about a hotly contested New Jersey high-school election, and his chatty "Little Children" 2004, about thirtyish parents in a Boston neighborhood—inhabit the same micropolitan milieu.

    Into Thin Air

  • The door opened, and there stood a woman, thirtyish, narrow shouldered.

    Ann Packer's 'Molten': Narrative Magazine's Friday Feature

  • Jenny is on the academic track established by her overbearing father (an excellent Alfred Molina) and understanding mother (Cara Seymour) until she meets David (a pitch-perfect Peter Sarsgaard), a charming and worldly thirtyish man.

    'An Education' teaches a vivid lesson in life, love

  • First, The Proposal in which a thirtyish suitor, Ivan Vassilevitch Lomov, easily gains the permission of Stepan Stepanovitch Chubukov for the hand of his daughter Natalya Stepanovna.

    Michael Russnow: Chekhov Alive and Well in Hollywood: Two One-Acts at the Tres Stage Theatre

  • A thirtyish woman, straight off the set of Sex and the City, turns and looks at you like you asked her if she wanted to swap underwear.

    Can You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?

  • An estimated 20K of "My Empire for Ashes" is because, the night before the big battle that closes Act Two, Katrina comes to the castle to see her abandoned daughters - her sole return to the city after she left thirtyish years ago to join the Council's breeding program - and, when she is dismissed, she and Telenias see each other on the balcony - and they both pause.


  • One has blondish-brown hair, about thirtyish with a barrel chest.

    On the Right Track

  • The driver, a thirtyish, sandy-haired psychologist called Dr. O, wore a corduroy jacket and a skinny tie.


  • Then came Michael, a pale, thirtyish commodities trader, and next to him was a man named Jonah, wearing dark-rimmed glasses he was constantly adjusting.



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