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  • interj. A clear, echoing thud, as of an axe chopping wood.


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  • Skinny Hulk or not, the "thock" is enough to put that Marvel Adventures cover into the top 5.

    Judging (Marvel’s May) Books By Their Covers | Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources

  • Charlie caught the bar and popped it into his mouth, hitting his back molars with a thock.

    Three Stages of Amazement

  • Given everyone's characterization of it as such a Refined Lady I was expecting something more angular, but all I got was sunny green lawns, white linen, and the gentle sound of a tennis game in the background..."thock, thock, 2 -Love!"

    Perfume Review: Estee Lauder Private Collection

  • I still remember the thock sound it made when it impacted his skull.

    This rotates

  • Relief washed through her to see him go down, to hear the thock! of Jeratt™s arrow hitting the pine just above him.

    The Lioness

  • Instead of thinking, he felt; getting into the way his muscles strained, the hollow thock of the wooden practice blade on the shield, the vibrations in his hands and arms as each stroke hit.

    Brightly Burning

  • The stable hand, dozing with a jug of cheap wine, was jerked wide awake by a * thock* right next to his ear, and the accompanying pain as a sliver of his earlobe parted company from the rest of him.

    Villains by Necessity

  • When he emerged into the street there was a flurry of arms, the sweep of a sword, and his head fell to the ground with a hollow thock!, and rolled away.

    Fortune's Favorites

  • I heard the solid thock of Freud's baseball bat, falling out of a bed above me.

    The Hotel New Hampshire

  • In the silence, before he can even register pain, comes the loud thock of wood hitting wood.

    Gravity's Rainbow


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