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  • n. A manifestation of the consciousness of an individual or group


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thought +‎ form


  • With Thurisaz comes the thoughtform, awareness of one's self and what one could become.

    Kelley Harrell: Harry Potter and the Elder Futhark

  • Expanding on that idea, maybe the area itself produced a thoughtform, using the people there to give it visible existence.

    Posthuman Blues

  • Suppose the Mothman thoughtform was NOT created either unconsciously by the residents of the area where it appeared certainly a possibilty though or by some nonhuman intelligence.

    Posthuman Blues

  • It a Medieval thoughtform that persists among religious.


  • Tied down as we are in the world of the five senses, it may not be easy to relate cause and effect; but in the realm of conscious energy, every momentous thoughtform must reveal itself in the mundane world at some point.

    Center for American Progress Action Fund


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  • Known as a Tulpa in Tibetan mysticism. The concept of thoughtforms is related to the Western philosophy and practice of magickm held to be a combination of mind, energy, and consciousness manifested by a sentient being, and may be benevolent, malevolent, or a combination of both, and can come about as either an intentionally or unconsciously. (Wikipedia)

    June 1, 2008