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  • n. threepence (in pre- or post-decimalisation currency)


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  • _news_, fair and square value for the "thruppence," as siege value goes; but we were in no mood to appreciate the novelty of that; the circumstances were too distressing.

    The Siege of Kimberley

  • The economic house is always on fire if one thruppence is spent on rational planning.

    The “Plague” of a Limited Parking Supply « PubliCola

  • The crisps were hand cut with a vegetable slicer, cooked in a chip-shop fryer, sprinkled with salt and sold for thruppence a packet under the slogan Potato Crisps by Walkers: Guaranteed Absolutely Pure.

    Crisps: a very British habit

  • Not with you on this one, i reckon that a basking shark always has the option of swallowing a human whole. suggest an immediate cull with thruppence offered to every person who brings a basking shark tail to their nearest post office

    Basking in Ignorance

  • “It is not,” said Mr. Mack, though he counted out a shilling and thruppence for the boy.

    At Swim, Two Boys

  • And a big crubeen for thruppence to be pickin 'while you're able.

    The Galway Races

  • "If the tales about old King Midas have a thruppence worth of truth in them, it might be his father's meanness that's ailing him."

    Seven Miles to Arden

  • "A tray bit, missus -- just thruppence -- a mouldy thruppence to get a livener."


  • So he'll scrub all three storeys down for thruppence.


  • But you know, whenever there's a new chum about that he can get thruppence out of, it's poor Ma for the scrubbing.



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  • Useful as a mock-threat to a misbehaving child, e.g. "Oi you! Just you wait 'til I catch you; I'll give you thruppence!"

    March 28, 2008