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  • n. Government by a group of thugs.


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thug +‎ -cracy (as in democracy)


  • The libs were calling Dick Cheney Darth Vader, what are they calling the thugocracy?

    The Obama Thugocracy Has Arrived - Erick’s blog - RedState

  • Rush chides the President for shaking down the nice oil people, and Glenn Beck compares CEOs to Christians, martyred by the lions of Obama's "thugocracy".

    Laura Penny: The Cheapness That Is Not: Thoughts on the BP Spill

  • We may even see four very tough years as the theocracy becomes a "thugocracy," but it is clear that the Iranian will has been publicized by every media outlet in the world, and we now know what Iranians really want.

    CNN Transcript Jun 20, 2009

  • Petraeus warns Iran becoming 'thugocracy' photo: AP/Pablo Martinez Monsivais - Photown News

  • Petraeus, the head of US Central Command, said yesterday Iran is becoming a "thugocracy" given its attempts to suppress popular anger over last year's contested presidential vote results. | Top Stories

  • But suppose it's true: how does this amount to a "thugocracy", or to

    Obsidian Wings

  • Morris and Curry began to refer privately to Ickes's operation as a "thugocracy," because they felt he was trying to intimidate them both politically and personally.

    The Big Apple

  • One of the speakers accused the Brussels police "thugocracy" of inciting disorder.

    The Big Apple

  • Jennifer Rubin looks ahead: Welcome to the "thugocracy": the Obama camp wants to Department of Justice to investigate not voter registration fraud, but people talking about voting fraud -- including the GOP ticket.


  • The "thugocracy" we fear should Obama win comes not just from angry actions, but from angry words as well.

    World and Global Politics Blog


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  • Concurring Opinions: 'The NY Times reports today that "three sets of researchers recently concluded that professors have virtually no impact on the political views and ideology of their students." Apparently the American Enterprise Institute's fear of the "liberal thugocracy" of academia is overblown; parents and family are a much better predictor of an individual's political predilections.'

    November 4, 2008