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  • v. To hit someone, playfully, but hard.


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  • Finally he took his stance, wig-wagged his butt a bit, then weighed into the ball-a nice clean stroke, the solid thwock, if I maybe allowed just one little onomatopoeia.

    At the Pine-Woods Golf & Poetry Club

  • The lid made a thwock sound as I pulled the silver tab that locked all the roasted goodness of my Planter's mixed nuts.

    Dear Planters

  • Nothing but twirling that handle and smacking that little ball, just so you can hear the marvelous sound of that white sphere whizzing through the air and smacking the back of the goal with a satisfying wooden thwock.

    The Hundred-Foot Journey

  • Since compressed air is our gunpowder, the device makes more of a pleasing ‘thwock!’ than a headsplitting ‘bang!’.

    Introducing Paintball Tanks | Impact Lab

  • “No, Errol!” shouted the white one, and there was a tangle of limbs and the thwock of bone on flesh as they struggled to contain him.

    Rainbow’s End

  • A few of the kids had located that magical-seeming burst of leverage that makes the ball explode off the strings with a distinctive thwock.

    Myelination and Horizontality

  • With the thwock of each bowstring, ptarmigan popped up like prairie dogs.

    How and Where to Hunt and Fish on Alaska's Dalton Highway

  • The hook landed with a thwock, pinning his right hand to the table top.

    The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters

  • Then, with a wet, meaty _thwock_, the trout landed squarely on the most sensitive region of Bill's lap.

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  • The place looked deserted, but the door was open, and from inside came the regular thwock of golf balls being struck off a rubber mat.

    The Dick Cheney Code


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