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  • adj. infested with ticks (The tiny woodland arthropod of the order Acarina.)
  • n. a tick (particularly, a check mark).
  • interj. Representing short pitchless sound at a reasonable volume.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Full of ticks or other vermin.
  • n. Threepence; a threepenny bit. Also tickey.
  • n. Same as tacky.


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tick +‎ -y


  • Pete Seeger had a huge success of his own with the song, which ridiculed the harmless citizens of Daly City, California, and gave us the word ticky-tacky.

    Suburbs of Our Discontent

  • One way to reduce it would be to encourage refs to be looser with calling the ticky-tack fouls.

    Five modest proposals to make the game better.

  • That made it worse as he began to call ticky-tack fouls and pout the whole game.

    old sour

  • You couldn't try to physical him too much because they were calling ticky-tack fouls. Chronicle

  • "One minute they're letting you play, and the next minute they're calling ticky-tack fouls." | news

  • If the game is being called ticky-tack ... that's something DeJuan has to do a better job of. - News

  • Dar Re Mi has won five of her 14 starts, finishing in front of the rest of the field six times, but having her number taken down in a Sept. 13 race in Paris on a ruling Gosden characterized as ticky-tack.


  • Thicke, (pronounced "ticky") a sustainable dairy farmer with a Ph. D and former USDA Soil Science Program Leader, is campaigning against a candidate backed by corporate agribusiness for the position as Iowa's next Secretary of Agriculture.

    Mike Ragogna: LXDs & Frequencies: Conversations With American Hi-Fi's Stacy Jones and Director Jon Chu

  • That was KG getting called for a (kind of ticky-tack) offensive foul on Lamar Odom, and afterwards, Odom gives him a little "way to go!" slap on the backside.


  • The monstrous and incredibly ugly development of ticky-tacky on Jocotepec´s east side reminds me of another place from my youth.

    Page 2


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