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  • transitive v. Computer Science To use (a computer) by time-sharing.
  • transitive v. To occupy (a vacation property) by time-sharing.
  • intransitive v. To engage in time-sharing.
  • n. Variant of time-sharing.
  • n. A property jointly owned or leased by time-sharing.

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  • n. A property jointly owned or leased by multiple people who are allowed to use it only during specified periods each year.
  • v. To own or lease (a property) by time-sharing.
  • v. To use (a computer) by time-sharing.


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  • A male couple — Barrie and Tony from Chelmsford, England — can choose to conceive and both be registered as the biological fathers of their children not so much on the technical grounds that they had “co-mingled” their sperm before shipping it out to their Fallopian time-share in California but out of a more basic sympathy that this is how Barrie and Tony “self-identify” and it would be cruel to deny them.

    ProWomanProLife » 2009 » August

  • The home was the culmination of David Siegel's Horatio Alger story, from TV repairman to chief executive and owner of America's largest time-share company, Westgate Resorts, with more than $1 billion in annual revenue and $200 million in profits.

    The Wild Ride of the 1%

  • Spellbinding, if nonsensical, rhetoric evidencing nothing more imposing than an attempt to close a sale of some crass Nueva Vallarta high rise concrete monstrosity time-share on Bandaras Bay.

    Escape From America Without Leaving America

  • I do wear shorts when I'm in the tourist zone, but then I expect to be treated as a tourist and get accosted by every time-share tout in town.

    Page 2

  • By September, everyone in that time-share hated me.

    Binky Philips: Bumping Into a Metal God at a Disco

  • He confided that he ran a chain of imaginary time-share vacation condos on the Riviera.

    Mark C. Miller: The Story of the World's Strangest Romance

  • Regarding the options for working, Cynthia Sams, one of those profiled, says, "Basically you have time-share, real estate, or you can start your own business."

    Boomers in Paradise: Living in Puerto Vallarta

  • Deep sea fishing is available there, and (thankfully) no time-share salespeople or hordes of trinket sellers preying on the beachgoers.

    Page 2

  • Not only had Daley gambled and lost, he got Rahm to get the Big Man himself to personally pitch their time-share Power Point presentation.

    John Wellington Ennis: How Rahm Bombed

  • But she was as keen as I was when some friends with a time-share on a fishing-lodge by the river Wye in Wales asked us up for a weekend.

    We're all hooked on fishing now


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