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  • adj. Alternative spelling of tin-pot.

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  • adj. inferior (especially of a country's leadership)


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  • Revolutions in tinpot republics don’t solve problems; they exacerbate them.

    Matthew Yglesias » Carter on Gaza

  • As if we lived in some kind of tinpot theocracy, Mr. MacAskill intoned that Megrahi would be judged by "a higher authority."

    The Lockerbie Bomber and Scotland's Disgrace

  • A blog which quickly descends, in its comment moderation policy, into the kind of tinpot authoritarianism that the likes of Guido and Dale are just itching to catch a whiff off.

    Could local be the new British?

  • "ROGUE GUNNER": Admiral: 'tinpot' armed services skip to main

    Admiral: 'tinpot' armed services

  • But, if we must keep out of the Baltic because we are not yet strong enough to go in, and if our merchant ships must run the hazards of bubble mines and magnetic mines and pocket battleships and submarine's torpedoes for another hundred days and another hundred days-then I heartily endorse W.J. Stewart, M. P.P.'s condemnation of sneers at Canada's "tinpot" navy.

    War With the Blinds Down

  • The most effective immediate assistance Canada could give in this war would be to build, equip and man a thousand "tinpot" trawlers and minesweepers and put them to work on our own eastern and western approaches and on the eastern and western approaches to the British Isles.

    War With the Blinds Down

  • There is first the enfranchisement of your steaming limbs from gaiter and shooting boot, buckskin and flannel; then the steeping of your sodden head in the pellucid depth, with bubaline snortings and expirations of satisfaction; then, as the first cold stream from the "tinpot" courses down your spine, what electric thrills start from a dozen ganglia and flush your whole nervous system with new life!

    Behind the Bungalow

  • It is usual in tinpot dictatorships for past leaders to be harried from scenes of public prestige.

    A cheap and cruel snub to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown | Observer editorial

  • However, not only is Fifa exempt from the scrutiny of international election observers, but it is fortunate enough to be physically located where other tinpot dictators can only squirrel their money: Switzerland.

    Sepp Blatter's crushing of his critics makes a mockery of democracy | Marina Hyde

  • Berslusconi may in part resemble a tinpot dictator, a megalomaniac control-freak and a xenophobic clown shat out of the rear end of a bad Ben Elton joke, but at least he manages to be prime minister of Italy for more than three weeks at a time, unlike most if not all of his predecessors.

    Archive 2009-10-01


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