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  • In a toilful or laborious manner.


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  • Who beachcombed my three rudders, the one toilfully adzed out in one piece from the beautiful heart of a bean-tree log, another cunningly fitted with a sliding fin, and that of red cedar with famous brass mountings?

    The Confessions of a Beachcomber

  • Far too weighty to lift, the logs were toilfully transported inch by inch on rollers with a crowbar as a lever.

    My Tropic Isle

  • Indifferent to style, we do indulge in longings — longings pitifully weak — longings for the preservation of independence toilfully purchased during the poisonous years of the past.

    My Tropic Isle

  • Whereupon he toilfully rewrote his requisitions 'and so to bed.'

    Plum Pudding Of Divers Ingredients, Discreetly Blended & Seasoned

  • So it came to pass that when the first exuberant, pioneer energy-margin of our race began to be consumed by the new and abnormal type of city life, it became no longer possible for the poets to put as much soul-sinew as theretofore into their lines, after they had toilfully earned the luxury of trying to be our idealistic leaders.

    The Joyful Heart

  • But Edward and I, knowing that this particular field was to be carried to-day, were revelling in the privilege of riding in the empty waggons from the rickyard back to the sheaves, whence we returned toilfully on foot, to career it again over the billowy acres in these great galleys of a stubble sea.

    The Golden Age

  • Evidently the writer had been toilfully experimenting toward some elegance or emphasis of expression, which persistently eluded him.

    Average Jones

  • Till sundown he climbed toilfully up the steep hills and then scrambled as toilfully into the coulees, taking the straightest course he knew for the mouth of Suction Creek; that, as a last resort, while he watched keenly for the white flake against green which would tell of a tent pitched there in the wilderness.

    The Happy Family

  • He advanced one stick, then one maimed foot, then the other stick; the other foot followed only a very short distance along the ground, toilfully, as though it were almost too heavy to be moved at all; and yet his legs under the hanging angles of the poncho appeared no thicker than the two sticks in his hands.

    Nostromo: a Tale of the Seaboard

  • If she were really to revitalize her vast bulk by adapting her millions to modern ways, she had but to stretch herself and the toilfully acquired Asiatic possessions of the European powers would shiver to pieces; and if she awoke angry, Europe herself might well tremble.

    The Path of Empire; a chronicle of the United States as a world power


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  • As he had planned, Presley reached the hills by the head waters of Broderson's Creek late in the afternoon. Toilfully he climbed them, reached the highest crest, and turning about, looked long and for the last time at all the reach of the valley unrolled beneath him.

    - Frank Norris, The Octopus, bk 2, ch. 9

    August 29, 2008