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  • noun A token; a sign; a proof.
  • noun That which a thing betokens; meaning; interpretation.

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  • verb Present participle of token.


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  • Over their coffee, they heard the rumble of an anchor-chain through a hawse-pipe, tokening the arrival of a vessel.


  • They were large nostrils, tokening his descent from savage ancestors who had survived by virtue of deep lungs and generous air-passages.

    Chapter 2

  • And in the silence that followed, a blue-bottle fly buzzed rowdily against an adjacent window-pane, with occasional loud bumps against the glass tokening that he too had his tragedy, a prisoner pent by baffling transparency from the bright world that blazed so immediately beyond.


  • Kumuhana licking his lips and tokening that he waited for something more.


  • Therefore, Socrates 'belief is not explained by the tokening of a brain state.

    An Argument from Realism Against Naturalism about Human Beings

  • The difficulty is to specify the work without conflating one work with another, since tokening the melody is not required, and many works share the same harmonic structure.

    The Philosophy of Music

  • Those standards are not epistemic in the strict sense, of course, since they do not concern knowledge per se; but they do affect what it takes for a given tokening of a sentence of the form ˜S knows that p™ to express a truth.

    Epistemic Contextualism

  • The crude causal theory does not permit this characterization of what happened because, if crumpled paper caused this tokening of CAT, then crumpled paper is in the extension of CAT, according to the crude causal theory.

    Teleological Theories of Mental Content

  • No causal manipulation is possible without explicit tokening of these structures.

    The Language of Thought Hypothesis

  • For anon as Abel had received the death under the green tree, it lost the green colour and became red; and that was in tokening of the blood.

    Le Morte d'Arthur: Sir Thomas Malory's book of King Arthur and of his noble knights of the Round table


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  • "Also Merlin made the Round Table in tokening of roundness of the world, for by the Round Table is the world signified by right, for all the world, Christian and heathen, repair unto the Round Table;"

    - Thomas Malory, 'The Holy Grail'.

    September 10, 2009