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  • n. A set of tools for software development, often used in sequence so that the output of one tool comprises the input of the next.


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tool +‎ chain


  • So, a toolchain is a very sensitive piece of software, as any bug in one of the components, or a poorly configured component, can lead to execution problems, ranging from poor performance, to applications ending unexpectedly, to mis-behaving software (which more than often is hard to detect), to hardware damage, or even to human risks (which is more than regretable).

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • Conclusion Application development for the Openmoko platform is ✔ comparable to desktop development Many new improvements of the operating system and ✔ the available software are expected in the next months Development tools need to be improved to offer better ✔ stability and ease of use The toolchain should be the way to go for easy software ✔ development, but configuration issues make it difficult to use The OpenEmbedded environment is not practical because of ✔ the large disk space and build time requirements 35

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  • Changes in the toolchain may make us even faster for every application.

    Introducing the Maverick Meerkat | jonobacon@home

  • Now, to make sure that my FOAF is in order, I set up the regular XML/RDF toolchain, using xmllint to validate the XML and RDF syntax, and XSLT to convert the FOAF to human readable HTML.

    My FOAF network #2: XSLT for a HTML GUI

  • The prags have a brilliant and proprietary writing toolchain, loosely based on DocBook and several other tools.

    Writing Assignments

  • Out of interest, how did you find the Pragmatic Press writing toolchain?

    Writing Assignments

  • And anybody in the world can use that same toolchain, or work from it, to build a version of Fedora that is completely customized to their environment.

    Interview with Fedora's Max Spevack

  • Mionos toolchain fixed using brute-force methods, serial output is now back.

    October 1st, 2004

  • In one of the interviews with the Multiverse founder (SecondCast, maybe?) he mentions that there is a "Quest" entity in their toolchain, which implies a lot about what sort of environments their platform supports easily (MMO games) and what sort of environments will require low level efforts (anything not an MMO game).

    Tooling Around

  • Pushing code, executing code, finding exploits, decrypting firmware, modifying firmware, and building a toolchain all come before writing apps is possible.

    Ars Technica


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