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  • n. The man stationed in the top on a sailing vessel, responsible for the setting of the sails
  • n. The uppermost sawyer in a sawpit; a topsman.

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  • n. See topsman, 2.
  • n. A man stationed in the top.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The man who stands above in sawing; a top-sawyer.
  • n. Nautical, a man stationed to do duty in a top. In a man-of-war the topmen are divided into fore-, main-, and mizzen-topmen. Also topsman.
  • n. A merchant vessel.


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top +‎ -man


  • I saw her about 3 weeks ago at the topman at Tampines1.

    j-gan Diary Entry

  • Then today, I walk into a topman, and just check the rack, and by gosh, there she is on the rack!

    j-gan Diary Entry

  • Fastforward 2 weeks, and I have the card in question, and i go to the topman at parkway, and ask for her.

    j-gan Diary Entry

  • In a twinkling he was on the yard; he paused for a few seconds and appeared to be measuring it with his eye; these seconds, during which the breeze swayed the topman at the extremity of a thread, seemed centuries to those who were looking on.

    Les Miserables

  • In the meantime, the unfortunate topman was losing his strength; his anguish could not be discerned on his face, but his exhaustion was visible in every limb; his arms were contracted in horrible twitchings; every effort which he made to re-ascend served but to augment the oscillations of the foot-rope; he did not shout, for fear of exhausting his strength.

    Les Miserables

  • The view of Erebus's truncated masts would have dismayed any topman, but it hurt Harry Peglar more than most since he had, with his Erebus captain of the foretop counterpart, Robert Sinclair, helped supervise the dismantling and storage of both ships 'upper masts for the endless winters.

    The Terror

  • The Beagle was only a Cherokee class 10-gun brig adapted as a survey bark — hardly the kind of ship that an ambitious topman like young Peglar would normally pick — but even then Harry had been interested in scientific survey work and exploration, and the voyage of the little Beagle under FitzRoy had been an education for him in more ways than one.

    The Terror

  • It was dawn and the sky above unseen Madagascar was still dark when a topman saw the first sunlight reflect from a distant sail off the starboard bow.

    Sharpe's Trafalgar

  • "The topman was right, sir, you see," he said to Captain Farmer.

    Crown and Anchor Under the Pen'ant

  • What the topman had taken to be an outstretched hand, waving a handkerchief or some fluttering object, was only the ragged end of a piece of the sail that was still attached to the yard and a part of the topmast of some vessel, which had been torn away by the violence of the gale and cast adrift, with the unfortunate seaman who was clinging to it.

    Picked up at Sea The Gold Miners of Minturne Creek


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