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  • noun Plural form of topos.


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  • To finish, I do agree with your observation that neither SotC nor House of Leaves could exist without a deep insight into the topoi and tropes of their proper medium; I'd just like to think that this is to some degree the bare minimum of knowledge that anyone working seriously in a medium should bring into the process.

    Come Out And Play

  • What I am more interested in at the moment are people who transcend those basics by integrating topoi and tropes of other media into the ones they're working in.

    Come Out And Play

  • There are a number of topoi in those texts, to be reused whenever it seemed appropriate.

    Early medieval armies: numbers

  • This unsettledness seems a logical reaction, not just in lives but in artistic styles, to a sense of belatedness, a sense that there is no new terrain to stake out, just topoi among which poets can hop.

    no-yes : Stephen Burt : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation

  • Memories need to be organized if we want to be able to recall them at will, and we reuse those organizing "cubbyholes" or topoi over and over again.

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • It encapsulates so many republican topoi: chickenhawks, landscaped yards, people who can afford homes in places that have homeowners 'associations with rules like these, complete ignorance of how most Americans actually live.

    Romney Campaign: Remark About Sons Was Taken Out Of Context

  • One of her various topoi seems to be a kind of internal emigration, a point of view to which she gives expression in her essay Nach innen ausgewandert (Emigrated inwards), first published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in 1981.

    Katja Behrens.

  • For one thing, plots tend to be structured around well-known topoi, as the Classical rhetoricians called them: stances and arguments about things like the country vs. the city (e.g. healthy, simple country vs. bad, clogged, sophisticated city), man vs. nature, age vs. youth, innocence vs. experience, etc.

    "Crap, here comes Teacher!"

  • A symbol beside a box indicates material introduced from works/performances: strickly speaking a distinction should be made here between material taken from a specific work/performance (what parenthetical attides would call plagiarism), and material (“formals”; motifs; topoi; what parethetical attitiudes would call commonplaces or even “cliches”) belonging to a given tradition as a whole.

    Postmodern Book List | clusterflock

  • Memories need to be organized if we want to be able to recall them at will, and we reuse those organizing "cubbyholes" or topoi over and over again.

    Dharma Students Make Learning Ancient Languages Fun


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