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  • n. Plural form of underpinning.


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  • When you feel like a world you create has solid underpinnings is it easier to write than something that feels like it's written on quicksand, or harder because it feels constrained?

    January 12th, 2007

  • After such a large move, stocks typically enjoy a mix of follow-through buying, turnaround selling by investors looking to book a quick profit and, in general, a round of reflection among participants trying to figure out how the long-term underpinnings of the market have shifted.

    Markets Can't Sustain Huge Rally

  • So the Liberals are supporting a measure in the Senate which protects the buyers of luxury cars, half a billion dollars worth, while we're in the business of reforming the long term underpinnings of the age pension.

    Australian Government Media Releases [All Portfolios]

  • It isn't in your agenda, surprisingly, given the Christian only by name underpinnings of your ambitions.

    Bernard Radfar: Surreal Republican Scam

  • I enjoyed that the supernatural threat had biblical underpinnings, which is always a plus in my book.

    REVIEW: Any Given Doomsday, Lori Handeland

  • It is interesting to note in this regard that previous studies have shown that the heat shock family is induced and is important in stress such as hypoxia but these studies had not appreciated the differences between IH and CH and their gene expression underpinnings or the specificity of tissue importance for the survival of the whole organism

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • If the word 'underpinnings' raises your axe, then let me just add that the best arguments for design + intelligence as the 'mysterious cause of front-loading' which some mainstream IDists ascribe to are those that arise from theological premises.

    British Centre for Science Education, Humanism's Trojan Horse

  • So you know, I like the excitement and I like the sort of people - to-people thing and the kind of underpinnings of it, the emotional underpinnings.

    CNN Transcript Nov 3, 2002

  • So I think that my successor and his successor will be struggling with this whole issue of a global capitalist system and how you create the kind of underpinnings to make people believe it can be a more just society.

    Interview Of The President By The New York Times

  • Lim is calling "underpinnings" includes a cropped kimono he refers to as a "kimini" in washed-out watercolor florals, harem pants, slouchy V-neck tees, ruffled camis and boy shorts, and knitwear pieces like cardigans and cropped sweatshirts.



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