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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of toss.


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  • [Prima Philosophia -- pith and heart of sciences: the author of this aphorism is sound and grounded.] 'If they be not tossed on the waves of _counsel_, they will be _tossed on the waves of fortune_.'

    The Philosophy of the Plays of Shakspere Unfolded

  • When politicians and their supporters believe the other side is pursuing policies that would destroy all they cherish, compromise becomes not a desirable expedient but "almost treasonous," to use the phrase tossed about by Gov.

    The Seattle Times

  • To hear the term tossed around across the political spectrum (or at least, the spectrum of opinion permitted by the political and media establishment) is alarming to say the very least.

    The New American

  • "Busheviks" is a term tossed off lightly by "Murrikkkans" who don't realize their own current "Czarists" aint fit to carry the Bolshevik jockstrap.

    On Bushevicks, Bolsheviks and Scum: For The Record

  • There is a term tossed about currently: "chickenhawk."

    Archive 2006-05-28

  • Scanning hour upon hour of coverage, one was tossed from the cable networks 'Muppet Babies band of young pontificators and new talent only to wind up with the Walking Dead.

    Election coverage: Difficult to watch, impossible to look away

  • I read a story on one of my pheasant hunters forums were two guys were just driving from one hunt to another just up the road and his prize lab was tossed from the back of the truck and broke a leg with the bone protruding threw the skin.

    Does Your Dog Ride in the Front Seat?

  • In the little stateroom the captain tossed a blanket on the floor in a corner, and he did not find it difficult to get Jerry to understand that that was his bed.


  • Seriously, the scariest moment of that whole movie for me was when Darwin tossed thepapers – wrapped in brownpackaging paper - on the back of the open-air horse-drawn mail carrier.

    Review of “Creation” « Biodork

  • Meanwhile, borrowers are tossed from the program for the same reason -- faulty paperwork.

    Homeowners Get The Boot For Bad Paperwork While Banks Get Millions For Same


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