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  • Tue 10/27/09 11: 16 PM gv lucky as a police officer was rarly seen on the job. tptb wrote it that way. gv lucky would have been fantastic in current police storylines on the show tptb choose the stories

    Jonathan Jackson's 'General Hospital' return: Everything you hoped for? |

  • Fri 07/16/10 12:16 PM ugh no way. what happened to the big brother of lets say season 2 where the players just played the bloody game without interference from tptb.

    Julie Chen blogs 'Big Brother' episode 2 |

  • Why is it a surprise to you that tptb do not want any publicity on this awful business.


  • When he first joined the show, tptb touted him as an art theft expert for whatever value that would be to a csi.

    CSI: Miami – “Bad Seed” Review

  • These radical fundamentalists (controlled opposition of the Zionists by tptb) think they must be in a great war with the West to conjure their yet to be seen 'great spiritual leader'. - Photown News

  • Swine Flu - now this is a crisis (engineered or real) that tptb can milk until it loses it's zing. to be honest, all this false flag "insert crisis here" activity is boting now - Yawwwwn

    Alex Jones' Prison

  • I was once told by Chuckie that if kids need "special help" ie: iep's, that St Edmond HS was NOT the place for them, causing us to withdraw our children from St Eds. I attended first CC then SED's back when it was a SCHOOL and not a politically run "office" for only those "worthy" of the attention of tptb.

    Messenger News

  • One hurdllw tptb are trying to overcome is Americas right to bear arms - they are trying to take it away and they know Americans will fight to protect that right.

    Alex Jones' Prison

  • It's these things above that the One world government would actually solve - and I think that tptb are actually scared of it because it takes their current power away.

    Alex Jones' Prison

  • Also, re: this Q&A Linda Gagne writes: "To those with the thoughts that tptb won't do more than one movie, sadly, I have a feeling they don't care about Atlantis and that will happen." News


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  • The Powers That Be.

    November 1, 2008