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  • n. The curve that satisfies the following property: That segment of the tangent line that lies between the point of tangency and a fixed line has length independent of the point of tangency chosen.

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  • n. A curve such that the part of the tangent between the point of tangency and a given straight line is constant; -- so called because it was conceived as described by the motion of one end of a tangent line as the other end was drawn along the given line.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A transcendental curve invented by Christian Huygens (1629–95), the property of which is that the distances along the different tangents from the points of contact to the intersections of a certain line are all equal.


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  • I found by experiment that it is neither, but an approximation to the tractrix (a modification of the catenary), if anything definite; as indeed one, on thinking over the matter, might feel certain it would be -- the tractrix being the curve of least friction.

    Men of Invention and Industry

  • This had led, through the work of Leonardo (on the catenary-tractrix matter), into the work of Kepler, which, in turn, led into Leibniz's uniquely original discovery of the principle of the calculus, and the revision of that discovery by Leibniz, based upon the work of Pierre de Fermat, which was carried out by Leibniz's collaboration with Jean Bernouilli in defining a universal physical principle of least action.

    LaRouche's Latest

  • Santa Maria del Fiore, and the development of the pairing of the catenary and tractrix relationship by Leonardo da Vinci.

    LaRouche's Latest

  • De Docta Ignorantia; Leonardo da Vinci (e.g., the use of the relatively least-action physical curve, the catenary-tractrix, as a principle of construction

    LaRouche's Latest


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