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  • n. The inner, fleshy portion of a mushroom's basidiocarp, distinct from the outer pileipellis or cuticle and from the spore-bearing hymenium.

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  • n. The loosely woven substance which lines the chambers within the gleba in certain Gasteromycetes.

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  • n. In botany, the hyphal tissue which lies in the middle of the lamella on the pileus in hymenomycetous fungi. Also called dissepiment, and intralamellar tissue.


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  • Is disability regarded as 'trama' or just in this case?


  • I have never considered my disability to be a 'trama' which implies that I had the potenial for a 'normal' body, and something went wtrong.


  • I have been to a “shrink” and they have all said I am one of the most well adjusted adults they have ever met and would have no idea the trama I had been through.

    Sticks And Stones | Her Bad Mother

  • Ribs on entry side were practically uneatable because of the hydrostatic shock and trama.

    What is your favorite bullet type for hunting big game and why?

  • FOr all you folks who have no health ins and don't want any, and don't want to be fined, consider this , if you have a accident and are taken to a trama center and run up a million in medical bills, who has to pay the BILLS, the rest of us do.

    LIVE Blog: Landmark health care bill heads to Obama's desk

  • TESSERE REGIONALI HOW LIGHT AFFECT PLANT GROWTH si autorizza il trattamento dei dati arizona state employee pay raise concorso provincia di treviso arizona camp day summer tucson atlantic beach myrtle paradise sc go go bar angeles city trama vi presento joe black DE GASTRICA LA SALIDA SYNDROME

    Election Central Sunday Roundup

  • Agassi and all that were involved in this trama should go to jail.

    Andre Agassi opens up about tennis, drug use

  • Tony denies having any substatial [Note: missing the n from substantial] injuries or emotional trama [Note: trama is actually spelled trauma] caused from this recent kiddenapping [Note: kidnapping is the correct spelling here].

    New Iron Man 2 Viral Clue Only Points to Tony Stark So Far? «

  • Basicaly, my hair is very thin and breaks with the mildest trama.

    Good Hair Movie Trailer | /Film

  • Como público, sabemos que engaña a todos cuando dialoga, sólo cuando queda solo nos hace partícipes de lo que realmente trama.

    veruscio Diary Entry


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  • Italian for plot or weaving

    August 25, 2008