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  • n. The activation of something by another entity that has a spatial relationship with it
  • n. The activation of a gene by the presence of another at a different locus, especially following infection by a virus


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  • Aberrant expression of circadian clock genes could have important consequences on the transactivation of downstream targets that control the cell cycle and on the ability of cells to undergo apoptosis.

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  • It interacts directly with the PER proteins, and it negatively regulates the ARNTL-CLOCK and ARNTL-NPAS2 complexes that induce the transactivation of

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  • Additional transactivation assays were carried out co-transfecting FOXL2 and increasing amounts of PIAS1 and UBC9 in COS-7 cells, to test whether FOXL2 transcriptional activity, like that of SOX9, is affected by PIAS1 in both SUMO-ligase-dependent and independent manners

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  • Oh HJ, Kido T, Lau YF (2007) PIAS1 interacts with and represses SOX9 transactivation activity.

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  • To assess any effects of FOXL2 sumoylation on transcriptional activity, we carried out a series of transactivation assays with luciferase as a reporter gene, driven by the 972 bp promoter of the human

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  • PHDs-mediated hydroxylation targets HIF-1α for proteasomal degradation via the ubiquitination-dependent Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) complex, while FIH-1-mediated hydroxylation leads to the inhibition of HIF-1 transactivation.

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  • Bcl-2 cooperates with high cell density conditions to induce nuclear HIF-1α protein and HIF-1 transactivation activity.

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  • Pellegrini E, Anglade I, Blaise O, Laudet V, et al. (2002) Molecular characterization of three estrogen receptor forms in zebrafish: binding characteristics, transactivation properties, and tissue distributions.

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  • Reports on the molecular mechanisms linking cannabinoid receptors to various kinases suggest that these receptors activate AKT through G-proteins, while activating ERK1/2 through EGF receptor transactivation

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  • Fischer OM, Ullrich A (2004) Cannabinoids induce cancer cell proliferation via tumor necrosis factor alpha-converting enzyme (TACE/ADAM17) - mediated transactivation of the epidermal growth factor receptor.

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