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  • n. transcendence
  • n. elevation above the truth; exaggeration

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Same as transcendence.

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  • n. the state of excelling or surpassing or going beyond usual limits
  • n. a state of being or existence above and beyond the limits of material experience


transcend +‎ -ency (Wiktionary)


  • First of all, what good is "transcendency" unless it eventuates in the Faith; and secondly, anyone in full possession of his faculties can see that the young are no more attracted to "transcendency" than their parents and their parents' generation.

    Modern world: a desert of God

  • "No to spectacle no to virtuosity no to transformations and magic and make believe no to glamour and transcendency of the star image no to the heroic no to the anti-heroic no to trash imagery no to involvement of performer or spectator no to style no to camp no to seduction of spectator by the wiles of the performer no to eccentricity no to moving or being moved."

    Step-by-step guide to dance: Yvonne Rainer

  • Then again, it's been one of my favorite pieces of media for a decade, and to this day I will occasionally toss in an episode or two -- any old one; once you've seen the whole thing it seems to compact itself nicely into any of its parts -- and it brings me a wonderful sense of, er, futuristic transcendency.

    Reviews Too Late: Lain

  • In this desert of God, the new generation feels a great thirst for transcendency.

    Modern world: a desert of God

  • And indeed, he hasn't got more than a hundred words or so before we hear about the "great thirst for transcendency" among the young.

    Modern world: a desert of God

  • In particular, we are to read her Evangelical faith, her five children, including a Down Syndrome baby, and her belief that she is an instrument of God's will as absolute proof of her self-transcendency.

    Aimee Liu: Why the Political is Personal(ity)

  • And his strong Christian faith and commitment to environmental preservation are two indications of self-transcendency.

    Aimee Liu: Why the Political is Personal(ity)

  • Never mind that her eagerness to hunt animals, oppose the preservation of polar bears, deny the threat of global warming, and endorse a sport as violent as ice hockey all connote the opposite of self-transcendency.

    Aimee Liu: Why the Political is Personal(ity)

  • To those who perceive the nature and transcendency of mental force, all physical power sinks into insignificance.

    The Master Key System

  • So gamblers abound while I sit sipping on some of the Keokuk moonshine I'd left here from my last visit, this being my "cabin" on this Iowan "Walden's Pond," my place of transcendency, away across the chess board from NYC, my solar plexus home.

    Blog Rolling


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