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  • n. A sweet-tasting, crystalline disaccharide, C12H22O11, found in trehala and in many fungi.

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  • n. A disaccharide formed from two glucose units

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  • n. Mycose; -- so called because sometimes obtained from trehala.

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  • n. A sugar first extracted from trehala, since proved to be identical with mycose.


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trehala + -ose (sugar)


  • They used sucrose and another sugar called trehalose, which is known for its preservative properties.

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  • For example, nematodes, tardigrades and Artemia accumulate a disaccharide called trehalose prior to drying, whereas bdelloids don't Lapinski & Tunnacliffe, 2003; Hengherr et al., 2008.

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  • They mixed the enzyme with a sugar called trehalose that made it stable at internal body temperature.

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  • [46] have shown that both of these requirements can be fulfilled by using the non-reducing disaccharide trehalose, which is present in many organisms

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  • Scientists like Dr. Eroglu, are showing that these sugars, such as trehalose used by tardigrades, also can help humans, monkeys and other species that don't naturally produce them.

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  • Anhydrobiosis without trehalose in bdelloid rotifers.

    How to create animate matter from seemingly lifeless dust

  • By 2002, he had inserted E. coli genes into rice to make it produce the sugar trehalose when stressed by drought, salt or cold.

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  • Just as frogs use glucose, Arctic brine shrimp and many cold-tolerant insects use a sugar called trehalose, which forms a syrup as thick as stretchy toffee, is even better at lowering freezing points and stopping dehydration than glycerol or glucose.

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  • She and her UCSD colleague Alberto Hayek slowly cooled human insulin-producing cells in a trehalose solution, and just as the lipid membrane started to congeal at around 5 C, the trehalose leaked in.

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  • This sugar penetrates cell membranes much better than glucose or trehalose, and is nontoxic. freezing and animals

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