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  • n. A genus of mastodons whose molar teeth have crests in three rows. See Mastodontinæ.


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  • In fact, while digging 8 feet beneath Leyden's Brighton, Tenn., backyard on June 30, contractors discovered the bones of a rare prehistoric mammal called the trilophodon, an extinct relative of the elephant similar to the mastodon and mammoth.

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  • Digging for a new swimming pool at his Brighton home last week uncovered the jawbone of an extinct beast, possibly a mastodon or trilophodon.

    Archive 2010-07-04

  • Then there was the oliphaunt, this time not treated as an elephant, but as a four-tusked mastodon - probably a species of trilophodon or similar.

    The Two Towers: a voyage into palaeobiology

  • Tenn. backyard unearthed the fossilized jawbone of a prehistoric mammal, possibly a trilophodon, part of the mastodon family who were in turn the extinct relatives of today's elephants.


  • Turns out, the perfect spot for a pool was also the final resting place of a trilophodon -- - Local News

  • Museum experts say trilophodon bones have been found before in Texas but not in the mid-south area of Tennessee. - Local News

  • The finding marks what is believed to be the first time a trilophodon was discovered in the mid-South.

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  • The skeleton is from a trilophodon, which Google says looks like this:

    Memphis Flyer

  • The Pink Palace conservator estimated the fossil trilophodon weighed up to two tons.

    Queens Gazette

  • It appears to be the jawbone of a trilophodon, an extinct relative of the mastodon.

    Queens Gazette


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