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  • n. A shape formed of three vesica piscis, sometimes with an additional circle, a symbol of things and persons that are threefold, and a symbol of protection in Wicca.

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  • n. A symmetrical interlaced ornament, of three arcs or lobes, of frequent occurrence in early northern art in Europe.
  • n. Plural of triquetrum.


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  • Every Belador in the room instantly held a gleaming sword with their triquetra emblem on the hilt and Celtic scrolling engraved in the metal.

    Blood Trinity

  • Three is also found as a foundation element in beliefs from around the world, from different times and ways of thought, and it is respresented by myriad symbols: triskeles, triskelions, trefoils, triquetra, tomoye, and more.

    The Shape of Three

  • I disagree; I think that the fact that the 3 circles intersected makes a triquetra makes it funnier.

    Scary stories.

  • My guess is carbon fiber also known as "crabon fribĂ©" produces a triquetra, and titanium makes a rhombus.

    BSNYC Product Review: Bicycle Book Shootout!

  • The former is dominated by Dipterocarpus zeylanicus and D. hispidus, with Vitex altissima, Chaetocarpus castanocarpus, Dillenia retusa, D. triquetra, Myristica dactyloides, and Semecarpus gardneri.

    Sri Lanka lowland rain forests

  • Wedding ring on my finger and a celtic cross with triquetra on a silver chain around my neck.

    Male Jewelry « Whatever

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    Sunday, Update on pics

  • The earliest symbols for the Trinity were abstract: the equilateral triangle, sometimes embellished with rays; an eye enclosed within a triangle, referring to the all-seeing eye of God watching from the Trinity; the triangle enclosing a circle, suggesting the eternity of the Trinity; three interlocking circles to imply equality, unity, and eternity in the persons of the Trinity; or three equal intertwining arches, the triquetra, an early Christian emblem for the Trinity.

    A Handbook of Symbols in Christian Art

  • Synonyms: _Enchelys triquetra_ Dujardin; _E. corrugata_ Duj.

    Marine Protozoa from Woods Hole Bulletin of the United States Fish Commission 21:415-468, 1901

  • Grevillea, having pinnatifid leaves with very long divisions, the blossoms of a fine red, and the seed-vessels containing two flat seeds, surrounded by a narrow transparent membrane; Leucopogon juniperinum and lanceolatum; a Dodonaea with long linear leaves and D. triquetra, were frequent.

    Journal of an Overland Expedition in Australia : from Moreton Bay to Port Essington, a distance of upwards of 3000 miles, during the years 1844-1845


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  • Triquetra is a word derived from the Latin tri- ("three") and quetrus ("cornered"). Its original meaning was simply "triangle" and it has been used to refer to various three-cornered shapes. Nowadays, it has come to refer exclusively to a certain more complicated shape formed of three vesicae piscis, sometimes with an added circle in or around it.

    January 26, 2008