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  • adjective Having or celebrating a triumph; victorious; triumphant.

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  • verb Present participle of triumph.


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  • Hosanna signifies, Save now, we beseech thee; referring to Ps.cxviii. 25, 26, where the Messiah is prophesied of as the Head-stone of the corner, though the builders refused him; and all his loyal subjects are brought in triumphing with him, and attending him with hearty good wishes to the prosperity of all his enterprises.

    Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume V (Matthew to John)

  • He not only punished them for their religion, but, taking a pride in triumphing over men's consciences, he forced them to abjure their religion, by putting them to the torture: "I compelled them to blaspheme Christ, and to say he was a deceiver and they were deceived in him -- compelled them to deny their Master, and renounce their obligations to him."

    Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume VI (Acts to Revelation)

  • Their triumphing is short, but their weeping and wailing will be everlasting.

    Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume III (Job to Song of Solomon)

  • God will do it, not because he owes them such a favour, but to save the honour of his own name, that that may not be polluted by the insolent triumphs of the heathen, who, in triumphing over Israel, thought they triumphed over the God of

    Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume IV (Isaiah to Malachi)

  • Let us never envy the mirth of wicked people, but infer from this instance that their triumphing is short and their joy but for a moment.

    Commentary on the Whole Bible Volume II (Joshua to Esther)

  • All preconceptions had been scattered; she had not even won her laurels, they had been placed at her feet; and all the pomp and circumstance she could summon to her triumphing was a white face, a drooping head, and speechless lips.


  • Ramiro pronounced him a mad man, and forbade all farther intercourse with his daughter, until he should give proof of returning sanity by abandoning this mad-cap enterprise; while Don Fernando flung out of the house, more bent than ever on the expedition, from the idea of triumphing over the incredulity of the gray-beard when he should return successful.

    Wolfert's Roost and Miscellanies

  • Those who are political look at him as a symbol of THEIR political orientation "triumphing" after eight years of exile.

    A Day Unlike Any In My Life

  • 'To make a confession,' he added at once, 'it forcibly reminded me of my own life -- except that I can't pretend to be "triumphing".'

    The Whirlpool

  • GIVEN the financial crisis, says Nicolas Sarkozy, it is "very reassuring" that French ideas of regulation are "triumphing" in Europe.

    The Economist: Correspondent's diary


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