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  • n. Plural form of trope.


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  • (And then there are those authors who don't even bother to do any invention at all and just rip off some sparkly vampires or other tropes from the past, never even trying to do anything new with them, etc ... but I won't beat that dead horse ... now.)

    Storytelling Invention and Upping the Ante

  • In A Landscape With Dragons, O'Brien sets forth his axioms: if I understand him rightly, he holds the position that certain tropes or motifs which appear in literature are symbols for various things of religous import.

    Archive 2010-03-01

  • The bulk is trad fantasists who play with folkloric tropes from a commercial impulse to romanticism, because they make for ripping yarns.

    Bukiet on Brooklyn Books

  • I think that one of the paradoxes of genre story telling (both printed and visual) is that violence has to drive the drama (otherwise it would be a story with characters standing around and just talking), yet the violence can reinforce certain tropes, cliches and stereotypes.

    Fathers and Masculinity at SF Novelists

  • More importantly, it prompts one to ask why recombining these tropes is a worthwhile activity to begin with.

    Genre Fiction

  • One of the recurring themes in recent political discourse I want to use the word tropes here, but it does not flow naturally from my pen is that government is depriving us of our freedoms.

    On to New Hampshire!

  • In this sort of generic Romance the indecision persists because the anomalous nature of the tropes is largely in direct proportion to their coolness; and the more cool they are the more willing we are to play the game.

    Archive 2008-01-01

  • As for war, I do not have time for tropes from the hawks or the surrender monkeys.


  • Whether or not you draw on realistic tropes is irrelevant ...

    SF is Dead! Long Live SF!

  • Also, over and above the replenishment of the trope trove with new novum, how we actually use those tropes is important here.

    Strange Fiction 8


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  • tropes- a word of expression used in a sense different from its usual significance

    October 17, 2008