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  • n. A young person with the fashion sensibilities of a hippie, or any other "countercultural" trend, especially "anarchism", Maoism, or punk rock, who subscribes to an unemployed, shiftless life of hedonism based upon an unlimited amount of funds (a trust fund).


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Blend of trust fund and Rastafarian


  • Prepare to be amazed as Peaches achieves a coup by selling-in a cover-mounted gift to Archers - namely a trustafarian beanie hat made-to-order in China for a fraction of your CD.

    Word Magazine - Comments

  • And the next time I meet some Blond, dreaded, day-glo muppet pelt wearing trustafarian named "Starchild Yemaya rainbow Shanti Olhone" sloppily playing their little Jembe drum, whose real name turns out to be Bob Crapmton, (from Cincinnati) and is a software designer for some huge firm, and is trying to explain "global peace through total partying" I am going to lose it. debate still rages about that burning man party ....

    its national poetry month. some nikki giovanni.

  • Because recognizing an internationally renowned human rights leader (for a few measly tens of thousand of dollars) has alot in common with multi-million dollar kickbacks to a wealthy trustafarian sports "entrepreneur".

    What fools these mortals be (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • The Telegraph notes that he's "no 'trustafarian' casually dipping his toe in the modeling world," and that Tuki has, in fact, had a difficult youth:

    Tuki Brando, Marlon Brando's Grandson, Poses For TechnoMarine Watches (PHOTOS)

  • Taking a little getting-started money from your folks doesn't automatically make you a trustafarian, but neither should recent grads expect their parents to bankrupt themselves just so they can live beyond their means.

    How To Avoid Living At Home After College

  • Better than being a Willy-style trustafarian drug-addled fixie-luvin 'dirty boy band hipster who don't know where the term hipster originated (Beat generation; jazz).

    Waylon Lewis: Money Magazine Names Eco-Hipsterless Louisville, Colorado Best Place to Live

  • I had tooled along to a bar near Bank Station where a bunch of LIFFE traders were enjoying drinking in the sun when they were accosted by a bunch of trustafarian type protestors.

    Miss Behaving

  • The bike is obviously being sold by some female trustafarian whose boyfriend moved back home to mom and pop.

    Working for the Clampdown: The Importance of Word Choice

  • The trustafarian is conspicuously absent from that hipster evolution devolution? chart.

    Metamorphosis: The More Things Change, The More They Shouldn't

  • Of course, Polly being Polly, she descends into silly class war rhetoric, at one point even insulting Samantha Cameron - "his blue-blooded trustafarian wife".

    Archive 2008-12-01


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  • A (usually white) person who grows dreadlocks and assumes other characteristics of the rasta lifestyle, while still supported by their trust funds in a manner that could probably feed an entire village of real Jamaicans for a year. Often seen on Boulder's Pearl Street Mall getting back into their 4-Runners after panhandling for change.

    April 11, 2007