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  • verb Third-person singular simple present indicative form of tuck.
  • noun Plural form of tuck.


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  • Wear things that skim over the bust line, like a crisp cotton blouse or a full length dress with pin tucks at the chest area.

    Modest Feminine Dress From the Pages of 1990 Victoria Magazine

  • When I got it home I looked at it more carefully and saw that it had been completely hand sewn, even the pin tucks in the front.

    Paintings With Multi-Generations of Women

  • LINDA WELLS, EDITOR, "ALLURE": Well, part of the statistics might be somewhat misleading, because they're compared to 10 years ago when silicone breast implants were bad, but still we're seeing increases in breast reductions, breast implants, breast lifts, tummy tucks, which is a really elaborate operation.

    CNN Transcript Sep 24, 2002

  • Margot tucks a few books under her arm and heads for the class for "slow learners," which is what Dussel seems to be.

    The Diary Of A Young Girl

  • And most puzzling, Jack Godby, the HIV counselor Tony embraced as an extra dad, has never seen him face to face, though he "tucks" him into bed every night by phone.

    The Author Nobody's Met

  • The warning about "refusing to have dresses too much trimmed" is fun in the light of earlier discussion about the recent LACK of detail in dressmaking...though there is often still a lot of FUSSINESS on clothes also previously discussed, which is certainly different than details, such as tucks, which can actually improve fit and style.

    Shopping in Paris (in 1907) - A Dress A Day

  • The "tucks" he speaks of could have been no very agreeable addition to the salted beer; for, as he himself explains it, a few lines above, "to tuck" consisted in "setting the nail of the thumb to their chin, just under the lip, and by the help of their other fingers under the chin, they would give him a mark, which sometimes would produce blood."

    Notes and Queries, Number 19, March 9, 1850

  • My rear end kind of tucks underneath me and my hands get flippy trying to find the ball. Latest News & Blogs

  • "tucks" so bizarrely placed, blatant, and plain weird looking, I'm too confused to even draw a conclusion.


  • That tucks them away where you don't have to look at them, but you can revert any time you want.

    msagara: A quick question for writers


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