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  • n. A kind of medieval torture device, later associated with a cucking-stool.
  • n. A cart which opens at the back to release its load.
  • n. A cart used to carry condemned prisoners to their death, especially to the guillotine during the French Revolution.
  • n. A basket or cage of osiers, willows, or the like, to hold hay and other food for sheep.

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  • n. a farm dumpcart for carrying dung; carts of this type were used to carry prisoners to the guillotine during the French Revolution


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From Old French tumberel (in Anglo-Latin tumberellus), from tomber, tumber ("to fall").


  • At the farm sales, it was impossible not to rescue machines with names like the Nicolson swathe-turner and such things as enormous hay rakes originally designed to be drawn by horses, wooden bullock carts, or the kind of miniature tipping trailer known as a tumbril, one of the most useful things any farm could possess.


  • Well, the "tumbril," as we called it, arrived each day for nearly a week, and we drove off gaily to the appointed spot and saturated ourselves in the characteristics of the land we were shortly to attack.

    Bullets & Billets

  • Walking to the turbolift, and riding it up to the bridge, he almost felt that he was riding the tumbril toward the guillotine.

    Star Trek The Next Generation®

  • Keegle is noble but good taste takes a tumbril | Martin Kelner

    Keegle is noble but good taste takes a tumbril | Martin Kelner

  • Anyway, as the tumbril bearing Grant came into view, and we got shots of toothless crones in the crowd getting on with their knitting – or their modern equivalent, West Ham fans looking glum – the Hammers' latest signing, Wayne Bridge, was demonstrating that even a magic Chris Waddle cheque book might not provide an automatic solution to the club's troubles.

    Keegle is noble but good taste takes a tumbril | Martin Kelner

  • But ABC's "The Whole Truth," which, by all accounts, is next in line to be tossed on the tumbril, added nearly 860,000 viewers.

    "Hawaii Five-O" most DVR'd new show, early stats show

  • They make great speeches as they ride the tumbril to the guillotine.

    Astrology and Income Tax Evasion

  • He mounted the tumbril with him, he mounted the scaffold with him.

    Les Miserables

  • Accordingly, the tumbril in which the criminal was conveyed to execution was attended by far the greater proportion of the inhabitants of Perth.

    The Fair Maid of Perth

  • I feel like I've just rolled up in the tumbril to be only partly decapitated, because before I can get the gist I have to leave to meet Amy Holmes so that we can chat and be miked before our own panel.

    Mayhill Fowler: Personal Democracy Forum: Blogging The Thin Nerdy Line


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  • Something of his sad freedom

    As he rode the tumbril

    Should come to me, driving,

    Saying the names

    Tollund, Grauballe, Nebelgard,

    Watching the pointing hands

    Of country people,

    Not knowing their tongue.

    Out here in Jutland

    In the old man-killing parishes

    I will feel lost,

    Unhappy and at home.

    from "The Tollund Man" by Seamus Heaney

    June 11, 2010

  • See also tumbrel.

    October 10, 2008