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  • Although they have a long-established dance routine in which he pretends to be the "turdy monster" whenever he greets Anita, Ariel's devotion to his developmentally disabled sister is genuine.

    George Heymont: Three Unforgettable Characters

  • On the other hand, when someone considered to be a literary writer, like Margaret Atwood, denies her work is science fiction because she writes about people while all we write about are robots and space squids, it takes a big person to say, Hey, that writer who just called me lame and turdy?

    Let’s talk about the ghetto «

  • Or make jackets out of those turdy little pellets they feed to the goats at the Central Park Zoo?

    Una LaMarche: Project Runway Season 7 Premiere Recap

  • But I still maintain after 40 some years,. .over 110 whitetails now and counting, .. turdy cal and less 160-165 gr spitzer sp at2600-2700 fps is all you need out to 300 yds, .. if you practice.

    A Sorrowful Tale of High Velocity

  • If you shoot a bullet (turdy caliber and less) dat weighs 160gr which means it gonna have da good sectonal desity at da speed of 2600 fps, ..

    A Sorrowful Tale of High Velocity

  • That weight in standard bullet starting out at 2950 fps dosentblow up and will puch through a whole lot of meet and bone upclose and personal if you need it. 9 so will turdy oh six and 8mm properly loaded.

    A Sorrowful Tale of High Velocity

  • While not a great masterpiece, my vote would have to go to “Da turdy point buck” by Bananas at Large.

    Blathering Lockdown: Day Ten « Whatever

  • "You're the fake, you turdy birdy!" the other peeve said.

    Stork Naked

  • I'll save what's on the front side for the tutorial (hint: they rhyme with funny and turdy!), but here are the kittens who found their mittens!

    T H E . T H R I F T Y . K N I T T E R

  • I wiped me with some ear-pieces of hers made of crimson satin, but there was such a number of golden spangles in them (turdy round things, a pox take them) that they fetched away all the skin of my tail with a vengeance.

    Gargantua and Pantagruel, Illustrated, Book 1


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  • Not to be confused with turdiform.

    May 18, 2009

  • Thank you yarb.

    May 18, 2009

  • OED2: "Full of, befouled, or defiled with ordure; †of or pertaining to excrement, fæcal (obs.)"

    May 18, 2009

  • Does this word mean what we might guess it means?

    May 18, 2009

  • To all ordinary eyes, the weeds in our yard are signs of our neglect, of our untended souls. Nearby, as though our turdy nature were a cause, vacant lots fill with weeds the way tin cans and wheel ruts flood with rain - with goldenrod and feverfew, plantain, pepper grass and fleabane.

    - William Gass, The Tunnel

    May 18, 2009