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  • phrase Common misspelling of 'twas.


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  • Gave me three answers he did; first that 'twas forty-eight, then that 'twas eighty-four and then that he'd forgot what 'twas.


  • He left her well off; 'twas said he hid his money about the house and she knew where 'twas.

    The Foreigner

  • 'Twas a quist a-cooing in the tree one time -- and then -- she did recollect herself and did sharpen up her tongue and 'twas another sort of bird what could drive its beak into the flesh of anyone -- so 'twas.

    Six Plays

  • If I opened my mouth to say a word, 'twas 'Damn!' and "Bugger my eyes"

    The Eastern Light

  • Sometimes I ken hear it jes 'as sad as nuffin ye ken think ob, an' sometimes it's singin 'as ef 'twas' live and 'joicin.'

    Culm Rock The Story of a Year: What it Brought and What it Taught

  • And 'twas 'ard if they'd be wasted like, and all along o' me.

    Rhymes of a Red Cross Man

  • You see, 'twas 'long toward the end of the season at the Old Home, and

    Cape Cod Stories

  • She seen how 'twas 'ith me that time at your house, an' she he'ped me git away.

    Lo, Michael!

  • At this distance o 'time I can't be sure if 'twas' Flee from the Wrath to

    Nicky-Nan, Reservist

  • All the time to-day 'twas '_Lippety-lop, no peace for the wicked!

    The Ship of Stars


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  • AAAAAGH!! When I see this used as a contraction and it doesn't have an apostrophe, I get stabby. See tis. *twitching from typing it without an apostrophe*

    November 29, 2007