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  • Twatch tah*watch Noun.

    A tight watch; syn: watch. Justin has a twatch on his wrist.

    Origin: Circa 2012. Modern English, American English < Blend Of Tight and Watch:

    Tight c.1435, "dense, close, compact," from M.E. thight, from O.N. þettr "watertight, close in texture, solid," from P.Gmc. *thenkhtuz (cf. second element in O.E. meteþiht "stout from eating;" M.H.G. dihte "dense, thick," Ger. dicht "dense, tight," O.H.G. gidigan, Ger. gediegen "genuine, solid,


    O.E. wæccan "keep watch, be awake," from P.Gmc. *wakojan; essentially the same word as O.E. wacian "be or remain awake" (see wake (v.)); perhaps a Northumbrian form. Watchdog is recorded from 1610; fig. sense is attested from 1845.


    T*watch*ies: Adjective

    T*watch*ion: Adjective

    October 2, 2012