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  • The saloon bulkhead, did you say, or the tweendecks? —

    Finnegans Wake

  • Sharpe, tired of being cooped up in the stinking 'tweendecks, and wanting some fresh air, steadied himself against the quarterdeck's starboard carronade.

    Sharpe's Devil

  • He had heard a cutlass blade crunch on bone, he had heard screams for mercy, he had seen nine pounds of canister fired down into a crowded 'tweendecks.

    Hornblower And The Crisis

  • By sticking my head through a window I could see excellent combers of green sloshing down into the 'tweendecks.


  • Jukes ordered the hands out of the 'tweendecks hurriedly.


  • With that he went off along the 'tweendecks with the halting step resulting from his mortal disease, and Hornblower sat with his eyes cast down, unable to meet the glances he knew were being darted at him, and knowing full well what they portended.

    Mr. Midshipman Easy

  • Hornblower slid out of his hammock and stood in his shirt; the 'tweendecks was nearly dark and Danvers was almost invisible.

    Mr. Midshipman Easy

  • At the hatchway the boy slid down the ladder like an eel over a rock; Hornblower had to brace himself and descend far more gingerly and uncertainly into the dim light of the lower gundeck and then into the twilight of the 'tweendecks.

    Mr. Midshipman Easy

  • He slung his hammock that night in a depressed mood, feeling unnaturally tired; and he undressed in the clammy, stuffy dampness of the 'tweendecks feeling more than usually cold.

    Mr. Midshipman Easy

  • Two decks down, presumably at the level of a foot or two below the water line, was a wide bare 'tweendecks, dimly lighted and scantily ventilated by the hatchways.

    Mr. Midshipman Easy


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  • I don't know if this is a real word, but it should be (short for "between decks"). Even if it does look freakish.

    February 24, 2008