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  • adj. Characteristic of a twerp


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  • I'm not sure about that, I think a lot of petty crime is just that, petty and twerpish.

    John Terry’s sacking as England captain tells us something interesting...

  • The twerpish vehicle constantly screeches silly commentary in a high-pitch voice, always repeating itself, and even flashing big Atari 2600 blocky-text on the display panel in between the Handlebars.

    Row Three » Finite Focus: Warriors of the Lost Wii (Warrior of the Lost World) - Where Cinema is more than just $100 Million productions

  • They have the same studied scruffiness, the same social maladroitness that contrasts so charmingly with the decor of the four-star restaurants where they're being interviewed for glossy magazines, the same twerpish approach to old-world marketing. - News

  • If David Cameron wants to govern, he should stop being afraid of ideas They call it Gordon Brown's 'tragedy', but it's been a catastrophe for us An object lesson in why the Tories are doing so badly was given by Grant Shapps, their twerpish housing spokesman, when he sought to attack John Healey (whom he shadows) on Thursday. news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph

  • Ha ha, and have a fantastic 2010, you twerpish failures!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Nation: Top Stories

  • Bill Nighy is a practiced and expected scene-stealer, but it's a special kick to watch Michael Sheen, so down-to-earth and effectively twerpish in Movie Reviews

  • Bush makes the deal alone -- after all, as Obama continually reminds us, "we only have one president," and even if he is a twerpish, murdering, nation-gutting son of a bitch, we should all defer respectfully to his judgment.

    The Common Ills

  • Jindal was even worse on radio (although without his weasely little face -- and he's exactly what i think of as weasely -- i think maybe it was better?). he sounded incredibly insincere. and sweet jesus to trot out the absolute lie (among many) about "magnetic levitron train from Las Vegas to Disneyland". and for those of us who live near active volcanoes -- the entire Seattle-Tacoma region and the island of Hawaii, to name 2 -- it's hard to think of that as wasted money. might as well stop tracking hurricanes, eh Gov? extremely twerpish performance. i hope to god he does run!


  • "we only have one president," and even if he is a twerpish, murdering, nation-gutting son of a bitch, we should all defer respectfully to his judgment.

    Chris Floyd - Empire Burlesque

  • Get me an airbrush! "is accompanied by a notably twerpish portrait of Cameron.

    The Independent - Frontpage RSS Feed


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  • Theists are butchers, and twerpish their god-loves...

    - Peter Reading, Going On, 1985

    June 19, 2009

  • Glossy black slices of smooth slab are all laid facing towards due
    East - in the twerpish conceit sunrise might pleasure them now!

    Glittery gilt lists the name and the dates and the bullshit about them
    - 'Fell Asleep', 'Gone to Rest' (tcha!), 'Resting in Jesus' Arms' (pah!).

    'Gone Where We'll All Join Again on the Happy Shore Everafter'
    (spew, vomit, puke, throw-up, retch), 'Went Without Saying Goodbye'.

    - Peter Reading, Ukulele Music, 1985

    May 30, 2009