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  • n. A feature of computer software (and some typewriters) that enables the user to continue typing regardless of program or computer operation, the keystrokes being queued as necessary when the system is busy.


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type +‎ ahead


  • It now seems to be slowing things down almost to the point of unusability, with multi-word blind typeahead.

    A Second Look at USHCN Classification « Climate Audit

  • This is a feature provided by GTK+ sometimes called "typeahead search."

    Pidgin News

  • Some Greasemonkey code-completion or typeahead would be nice.

    Mozilla Labs

  • Once you're confident on the command line, you can still use typeahead today.

    Linux Magazine

  • But typeahead is still available, ready to receive commands at molasses speed and execute them when the processor is ready.

    Linux Magazine

  • In these days of speedy systems with enough power to burn that you can have 3-D multicolor displays which morph with your mouse, the typeahead feature of Linux device drivers can still be worth knowing about.

    Linux Magazine

  • It doesn't always work: for instance, keystrokes like CTRL-C or CTRL-Z flush the typeahead buffer.

    Linux Magazine

  • Nelson: I once made a patch for nautilus typeahead to work as Firefox search,, I hope to work on it again … is ...

    Planet GNOME

  • /pc/keyboard/typeahd. zip A 256 bytes typeahead buffer

    FAQ: Turbo Pascal Frequently Asked Questions by Timo Salmi (Programs)

  • Facebook doesn’t need to use all that fake-handle crap because they made a neat typeahead box that comes up with your friends name after you’ve typed the first three letters, regardless of whether you are typing first name or last.

    My name is not a URL | FactoryCity


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  • typeahead, n.

    GOV.UK Design Notes, 20 April 2017:

    We’re building an autocomplete. These are sometimes called typeaheads. They can help users answer questions, and help services get more consistent data.

    August 3, 2018